The Lingua / Norðan Jökuls Summer Greeting, 2009

Iceland traditionally celebrates a First Day of Summer, doing so each year on the first Thursday after April 18. Everyone realises there can still be blizzards throughout May and sometimes even into June, but many migratory birds have returned by the First Day of Summer, and there are already many other signs of spring. Anyway, the Icelandic summer is so wonderful that there is every reason to celebrate it officially as a holiday, even before it shows up in nature!

Click on the link below in order to see the animation by Villi Warén (about 2 min. long).
The lyrics are by Lubbi Klettaskáld, while the music was composed by Þórunn Gréta Sigurðardóttir.

The entire greeting production was commissioned and organised by Lingua / Norðan Jökuls ehf.:

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